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New Spandex: Lycra

spandex lycra 20 den

We’ve got new product in stock: clear cobweb spandex lycra den 20 – dtex 22. I’ve never seen anything so tiny and so strong and stretchy.

New spandex is available here.

Spandex also known as lycra, elastane is known for its exceptional elasticity. It is a very needed fiber for knitters and crocheters as it gives memory to the yarn and takes care of the loose parts (like bottoms of sleeves, or ribbon on a sweater).

Lycra only works with applied heat. When you press or steam the area containing lycra, it will visibly shrink, gathering the texture together. Try it on swatches first: you won’t believe the result. If your garment looks a little stretched after a while, just apply a puff of hot steam to the lycra area and it will be like new.

You can use it stranded with wool as well as with all cellulose fibers (cotton, rayon, linen, tencel, etc…) and silk. Do not change your gauge if you are only using it on a limited area. With wool, you will need to be cautious when applying heat, as you will want to shrink the lycra without felting the wool.

Sometimes, especially with a bigger or heavier yarn, you may want to use two ends of lycra alongside it, to give it a stronger elasticity.

Thank you!