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NM is for …

NM is a yarn count you can see on some European products. It shows how many meters are in 1 kilogram of yarn. Here’s the examples of counts our store has to offer:
NM 4.8/1
1 means that it’s single ply, there’s only one thread not twisted with any other.
4.8 means that there’s 4800 meters in 1 kg (1000 grams), or 2,380 yards/lbs. 
You may still be wondering what that all means and if that’s the yarn you need for your project. 
Here’s the link to the BEST online chart of Yarn Weights and Measures: It is an awesome way to convert the information you have about the yarn (wpi, yards per pound) into US standard yarn category, and it even recommends hook and needle size. So, based on that chart, NM 4.8/1 will be Fingering weight because it has 2,380 yards per pound and wpi 30.
The higher the NM (26/1, 33/1), the thinner the yarn, looking more like a thread for the finest projects.

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