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Knitting with Linen

Knitting with Linen

Linen has a long and storied past. It comes from the flax plant, which has been used by humans for centuries and can be grown in a variety of environments—it’s native to the eastern Mediterranean, but can be grown in many other locations, including Vancouver, Canada, where Caitlin ffrench grew her own flax and is spinning the linen fiber herself (her article in this issue, Grow Your Own Yarn, is a must-read for fiber fiends). It’s a plant fiber, so it shares certain properties with cotton, but it can be incredibly crisp, almost like paper, or soft and fluid.

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Our “Flaxerella”, 100% Linen Yarn from Belgium, 50g, natural, NM 4.8/1 has 260 yards (240 meters).

Check out Caitlin ffrench designs on Ravelry and find your inspiration to use your linen yarn.

Happy Knitting with Linen!